Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Are blue Jackals recognized in organizations ?

Once upon a time , there was a jackal in a forest by the name of  Chandaraka. One day, Chandaraka went to a nearby village in search of food. Unfortunately, a group of dogs  started chasing him. He was frightened and fled in panic. He entered a washer man’s house and  trying to hide himself, the jackal slipped and fell into a tub full of indigo. Later,  when Chandraraka reached the forest, the  animals failed to recognize him and were frightened to see the strange blue creature.

Taking advantage of the situation, the cunning  jackal schemed quickly.  He asked, “Why are you running like this? There is no need to panic. I am a unique creation of God. He told me that the animals in this jungle had no ruler and he had nominated me as your king. God has asked  me to rule this forest. Therefore, all of you can live safely under the cover of my protection.” 

The innocent animals believed the shrewd jackal and accepted him as the king. The jackal appointed the lion as his minister, the tiger as his assistant and the wolf as the gatekeeper. After allotting positions to the animals, the blue jackal banished all the jackals in the forest for the fear of being recognized. He was the  self-proclaimed king and led a luxurious life.

One day when the blue jackal was holding his court, a herd of jackals were passing by , howling to their glory. Suddenly blue jackal forgot that he was a king and not an ordinary jackal anymore. Unable to control his natural instinct, he howled at the top of his voice

Soon, the animals realized that they had been fooled by a jackal. In a fit of anger, all the animals, at once pounced on the blue jackal and killed him.


In the corporate world too , there have been numerous instances where the people at the top of the hierarchy try to con their subordinates by not being transparent and use politics and shrewdness to stay at the top.  

But , like the story, does justice always happen ?  

What do you think ? Do write your comments !

Note : This is a popular story from Panchatantra -  Indian collection of short stories with a moral 


  1. What is expected by people in leadership position to treat everybody equally, with respect, inspire and guide them, support them and yet hold them accoutable.

    Yet, the reality is much different. People in leadership roles exploit the power blatantly by favoring few and by being prejudiced towards others, humiliating sub-ordinates. Most do not have abilities to define the expectations clearly which also means that they can neither inspire not support the team.

    This not only impacts the individuals but also the organization. Unfortunately, HR in most organization is limited to 'Personal department' and sub-ordinates cannot depend upon them or higher management to address such issues.

    Ananya, you are doing a great job by putting such blobs. These are making good readings. All the best.

  2. Ya u r rite Ananya, we can take example from our last organization

  3. Yes, you are absolutely right. There are some top positioned Managers/Executives who think it is their birth right to favour some and victimise some even if he/she is good performer due to their own insecurity and ego. I have faced and seen so many top managers reading the presention prepared by somebody else then they fumble if you are ask them any question related to that topic

  4. My favorite boss was a blue jackal. But I knew it. Perhaps everyone knew it, I don't know. But working for him I became isolated and when he retired I fell apart. More telling, when he retired, all of a sudden the people in the community all started saying that they had always hated him....and even I, freed from his patronage, realized that by his direction I had destroyed my own potential.