Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The "Echo Effect"

The “Echo Effect”

Remember the time when we were kids and went vacationing to a hill station or some historical place? One of the most fascinating thing we experienced was how we could hear our own voice which reflected back as an “echo” .  

While dealing with people ,  I experienced  the same effect with equal fascination.  The more I gave , the more I received . In multiples! The more I trusted , I got their trust in abundance. I gave unconditional respect and I was amazed to see  the “echo”  reflected towards me !  I have experienced fierce loyalty, amazing love and lasting relationships.   Unlike the echo experienced on mountain tops and old monument,  this echo is endless.   

Most of  us  are a bit wary about giving away.  “What is it in for me? “ is the common thinking.  Give it a try.  You will be as surprised as a kid to see the effect.  Great leaders discover this trick and create magic.

So can you.


  1. Very True Ananya.. I totally agree with this...even I also felt sumtimes this Echo effect.

  2. Ananya! Truly said "This echo is endless". The love respect and trust that we shared is for lifetime.

    1. Meghali ! Nice pseudo name ! Yes... We have experienced it :-) !

  3. As you sow so you reap... I think they were on to something there! :-)